Change Creates Opportunity

The migration to cloud computing, or the fourth industrial revolution, is the biggest change our world has ever seen - and as such the biggest opportunity ever!


We are offering our shares to the public before anybody else. A real Initial Public Offering that ordinary people can really benefit from, from the outset.

Public Investment in Private Equity

Co-invest with experienced entrepreneurs in the kind of private equity investments normally reserved for super rich, accredited investors and institutions only.
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You can watch a short video about our business plan and our crowdfunding campaign.


The video explains the details of our business plan, including the IPO, and the rewards of our crowdfunding.

Watch the Video

Cloud Leap intends to position itself to help businesses take the Leap into the Cloud effectively and capitalise on the opportunities it presents.

Invest in the Cloud Migration

Cloud Leap will acquire both companies that can benefit from the Cloud migration and companies that enable the migration, combining them into a public group that will unlock value for it's shareholders.

Raise Capital - Crowd Funded IPO

Cloud Leap plans to raise an initial
€2.5 million by way of an innovative crowdfunding campaign and list as a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) on the NASDAQ First North Stock Exchange.

Experienced, Serial Entrepreneurs

Cloud Leap has assembled a team of experienced, serial entrepreneurs with the appropriate experience, resources, knowledge and relationships to source attractive acquisitions to implement the strategy.

A Genuine IPO

Through our innovative Crowdfunding campaign, we are running an Initial Public Offering wherein we are genuinely offering our shares directly to the Public, giving ordinary people the opportunity to participate in the type of private equity investments normally reserved for super rich, accredited investors.

Our offering is perfectly legal in terms of the European Prospectus Regulation and the shares will be listed and freely traded on a public exchange once the first acquisition has been made.

Best of all, as a Backer, your entire investment will be paid into the company as capital for acquisitions – nothing is paid out to any promoters as fees for the capital raised.