To build a listed technology group that will facilitate and capitalise on businesses taking the Leap into the Cloud.
Cloud Leap will grow through aggressive acquisitions and organically into a significant force in the ICT sector with market capitalisation exceeding €50 million within 3 years of the first acquisition.



Acquire, redesign and/or develop a series of enabling technologies that can position Cloud Leap as a leading Cloud Migration specialist in the International market.

Controlling Stakes

Acquisitions will be executed with the intention to acquire controlling stakes or stakes with a path to obtain control of existing, profitable businesses that have the potential to at least double profitability through an active Cloud migration strategy.

Overarching Goal

The overarching goal will be to ensure that the aggregated businesses can achieve greater performance as a part of the Cloud Leap group than they would be able to achieve on their own.

Industry Background

  • The cloud is so much more than just a set of enabling technologies – it is a transformative and disruptive business model that creates an unprecedented opportunity for business to transform and scale and entrepreneurs to capitalise on new and existing markets.
  • There are two key trends in ICT and business in general right now – Consumers are migrating to mobile and (as a result) businesses are migrating to the cloud.
  • Consumers are increasingly expecting to conduct business via their mobile devices and as a result any business that does not migrate to the cloud effectively will ultimately go out of business.
  • Cloud computing has been recognised as the fastest growing technology movement ever, with Forrester Research estimating that the global cloud computing market will grow to US$236-billion by 2020.
World Map

Capitalising on these Migrations

  • The biggest winners during these migrations will be:
    • Entrepreneurs that adopt the cloud as a business model for launching new ventures;
    • Traditional businesses that adopt an active migration strategy in order to significantly improve their positioning in the market; and
    • Companies and Technologies that facilitate or enable those migrations to the cloud.
  • There has never been a time in the history of technology when the barrier to entry has been so low and the potential so great.

EU Deregulation

Historically it was very difficult and costly for companies to offer shares directly to the public because of tons of regulation. Recently the EU has taken steps to reduce regulation and make it easier for smaller companies.


On 20 July 2017 the new EU Prospectus Regulation came into effect and it allows companies to offer shares to the public and raise up to €1 million in any 12 month period without publishing a prospectus .  It further allows member states to increase that threshold to as much as €8 million in any 12 month period.


Nearly all member states have increased the threshold already and in Sweden it is currently set at €2.5 million.

Stock Exchange Consolidation

Many of the old European stock exchanges have merged over time into larger exchanges.  In the Nordic region the Stockholm, Helsinki, Iceland and some other smaller exchanges have all merged and has been acquired by NASDAQ and now trades as NASDAQ Nordic.


NASDAQ Nordic operates a multilateral trading facility with less regulation for early stage companies known as NASDAQ First North and it has become the preferred destination for smaller tech IPOs over the last couple of years.


During 2017 and 2018, NASDAQ Nordic listed 198 new companies with combined market capitalisation of over €6.36 billion and more than 60% of those companies were listed on First North.

Acquisition Policy

Technology Consumers

Companies with existing significant market share, and profitability, that have the potential to significantly improve their positioning in the market and increase earnings, and profitability, by adopting an active Cloud migration strategy.

Technology Providers

Companies that own technologies (IP), or exclusive licenses, that enable Technology Consumers to increase market share, margins and profitability. The companies to be considered for acquisition must either be profitable, or have a clearly defined path to profitability.

Anchor Acquisition

The first acquisition is intended to be a profitable Technology Consumer that can serve as an anchor, generating immediate turnover with sound profitability, around which other smaller acquisitions can be made and new cloud based ventures can be launched. This approach reduces the overall operational and financial risk of the venture since Cloud Leap will be cash generating immediately after the first anchor acquisition.