Let's ditch the Norm

Normally the capital raise for an IPO like ours will be done through promoters who earn retainers, success fees and even shares in the company for raising the capital and most, if not all of the capital is raised from institutional investors, not the general public.

Furthermore a significant portion of the capital raised is paid out to the promoters as fees instead of going into the company as capital for acquisitions.

Capital Raise through Crowdfunding

Through our innovative Crowdfunding strategy, we are running an Initial Public Offering wherein we are genuinely offering our shares directly to the general Public, giving ordinary people the opportunity to participate in the type of private equity investments normally reserved for super rich, accredited investors.

Our offering is perfectly legal in terms of the European Prospectus Regulation and the shares will be listed and freely traded on a public exchange once the first acquisition has been made.

Best of all, as a Backer your entire investment will be paid into the company as capital – nothing is paid out to any promoters.

Innovative Strategy

Become a Backer and be part of the team helping businesses take the Leap into the Cloud.

Investment Growth

Share in the Growth of our company and share price and receive Dividends from our Profits.

Business Ownership

You will be a co-owner in the business with all the rights and privileges of a shareholder.

Financial Information

As a shareholder you will have full access to the company's financial information and be allowed to attend and vote at general meetings.


Right now we are only in the pre-launch phase.  This means that people that are interested in becoming Backers can register their interest without making any payment yet.


Once we have a minimum of 1,000 interested Backers registered, we will go through the formal process of publishing all the required documentation and then the formal IPO process will start.  Only then will the registered Backers be required to actually subscribe for shares and make payment.

Get Rewarded for Promoting our Crowdfunding Campaign

Normally in a crowdfunding campaign the backers receive rewards such as first production run products or a small shareholding in the company as reward for their backing.

With Cloud Leap all Backers become the shareholders i.e. the owners of the company.

The number of shares allocated to each Backer depends not only on the amount they invest, but also on the effort they put in to help us promote our crowdfunding campaign.


Simply be a Backer


Simply Invest

  • Invest €500
  • Once-off
  • or
  • Five €100 instalments
  • 1,000 Shares Allocated


Refer 5 Backers


20% discount

  • Invest €500
  • Refer 5 Backers
  • Direct Referrals
  • Receive a 20% discount
  • 1,250 Shares Allocated


Refer 25 Backers


50% discount

  • Invest €500
  • Refer 25 Backers
  • Direct & Indirect
  • Receive a 50% discount
  • 2,000 Shares Allocated

Team Builder

Refer 125 Backers


90% discount

  • Invest €500
  • Refer 125 Backers
  • Direct & Indirect
  • Receive a 90% discount
  • 10,000 Shares Allocated

Let's look at the Details

Issue Price

The normal issue price of the Cloud Leap shares (and the minimum IPO price required by the exchange) is €0.50 per share, but the actual issue price of the shares will depend on the effort of the individual backers.


All backers will be required to invest €500, either as a once-off payment or five monthly instalments of €100, so each backer will be allocated 1,000 shares for their €500 investment.


Backers that put in some effort and refer 5 other Backers to the crowdfunding campaign will receive a 20% discount on the issue price and be allocated 1,250 shares for their €500 investment.


Backers that activate their referrals and directly and indirectly refer 25 other Backers will receive a 50% discount on the issue price and be allocated 2,000 shares for their €500 investment.

Team Builder

Backers that build a team and directly and indirectly refer 125 other Backers will receive a 90% discount on the issue price and be allocated 10,000 shares for their €500 investment!

Worth it?

With a little effort, you could be in a position to sell some of your shares on the first day of trading and have some or all of your money back while holding on to your remaining shares to share in the capital growth and dividends of your company.

How do I refer Others?


When you register you will have to choose a unique user name for yourself. That user name will also become your own personal hashtag for referring others.


Simply append your personal hashtag to our website address when you refer others.  When they visit the website we send them a cookie with your unique hashtag and if they register any time after that you will be credited with the referral.

If you would like to invest more than €500 in Cloud Leap, simply sign up multiple times and get the benefit of the discounted issue price based on your own additional investment. If you sign up multiple times you could just keep referring Backers with your first investment and your efforts will be spread over all of your investments equally and automatically.